Same OG, Delivering More
June 2-5 2019
San Antonio Texas

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Booth #665

The GEOINT Symposium is the nation’s largest gathering of the most influential geospatial intelligence stakeholders in academia, government, and industry. Stop by booth #665 to meet our team of defense innovators and view live demos of PeARL Flash and other cutting-edge Parsons’ capabilities. 


PeARL Flash

PeARL Flash is a powerful, enterprise-level image processing software that accelerates upload and processing of raw aerial imagery data and terrestrial geospatial content and -- within hours -- produces seamless, orthorectified maps and 3D models from 2D imagery.  PeARL Flash enables user-defined, on-demand processing of data from FMV, WAMI, satellite and frame imagery.


AVAA is a software framework that promotes rapid integration and deployment capabilities.

AVAA is a server-based capability that allows Parsons to integrate computer vision analytics (CVAs) from various sources into a single processing pipeline, select the best solutions from across the AI/ML domain, and combine them into a single solution.

AVAA Description



C2Core is an application development reference framework with reusable microservices and web visualization components that can develop customized applications in a fraction of the typical cost and time. The C2Core framework can be leveraged to quickly develop custom cloud-native applications for data visualization, workflow, and other information management needs.

Find us in the Classroom

Join our subject matter experts for two Training and Education Sessions:

Rich LaValley

Rich LaValley

Data Scientist

AI for GEOINT Leaders

June 3rd 2-4PM: Ballroom Level 301A-302C

In this session, OGSystems will present the fundamental AI lexicon and describe how myriad terms, concepts, and capabilities relate to each other. The session will address how AI practitioners understand human intelligence, and how that rapidly evolving framework informs the development of deployable AI systems. Finally, we will touch on several key human elements of the AI revolution such as managing the sometimes unrealistic expectations of GEOINT customers with urgent national security needs but limited budgets.

Ed Tosh with Corey Merkel

Ed Tosh with Corey Merkel

Systems Engineer

Fostering Bottom’s Up Innovation in Large Solution SAFE

June 5th 7-9AM: Ballroom 301A-302C 

This course will help attendees understand how agile MVP features and success criteria can be managed alongside legacy requirements to meet the needs of a large government organization. Attendees will be introduced to technique and tool configurations that foster agile innovation in a way that maintains enterprise visibility and configuration control over the emerging and existing technical baseline. They will also see how JIRAJIRA Portfolio, Confluence, and Tableau can be implemented to provide visibility, metrics, and dynamic reporting for program and senior management.